Our Approach


Pixieglas was born in 2002.  After attending a workshop called "The Painting Experience" where it's all about the process and not the product, I came home eager to continue the "Process".  With no drawing background, I soon became frustrated painting on paper and I wanted something that was usable as I knew none of my "paper art" would make it onto my walls.

I've always had a fascination with all things glass (stained, fused, mirrors etc.) so I headed to the art store and picked up a couple of pots of glass paint.  I still have the first sets of wine glasses I painted way back then and they are still in use today.

From there the rest as they say is "Herstory".  Pixieglas™ and the designs that followed are now enjoyed by people of all walks of life. My goal for Pixieglas is to have my work enjoyed around the globe and to inspire creativity in others.

Pixieglas™ will ship your Unique Gifts anywhere in the world!   Pixieglas™ now has customers across the Atlantic, Spain, England, China and Hungry. These customers join an ever growing fan base already established in the States. Seattle, WA & San Francisco, CA.  On the upper East Coast, Syracuse, Manhassat & New York, NY. Moving South there's Atlanta, GA., Hobe Sound, Stuart, Miami, FL and more.  To all my local fans in Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding areas who follow me from show to show, your support is appreciated.!

Pixieglas™ is painted with LEAD FREE paints using a variety of creative designs.  In addition to the use of standard paint brushes, Pixieglas™ also uses plant life, other organic and inorganic materials and most popular of all, discarded cat whiskers (Cats loose them like we loose eye lashes) to create unique and contemporary works of FUNctional Art.

Our Story

Artist Statement

I love color, I love the way color makes me feel when I wear it.  Nothing is too bright or bold!  I grew up wearing plaid, yes, as a prisoner of private school for 12 years plaid was easy.  It wasn't colorful tough.   My art is colorful and nothing is too bright or bold, at least for me.  When I began painting in 2002 it was more about the process of painting than the product that would be created.  Painting is one of my most enjoyable meditation tools, it relaxes me, inspires me and helps me see beyond my dreams.

Pixieglas™ pieces are all original, hand painted, one-of-a-kind artwork. Now, I am taking these designs and putting them on clothing.  Wraps, scarves & leggings.  I always knew my designs would look great on clothing and this dream is now a reality.  

FUNctional Art

Below are some of my newest designs

"Ritaz" design, choose your colors!


In Honor of a dear friend who created beautiful stained glass.


"Whiskerz & Dotz" Vase or Votive


Created with a brush made from our cats discarded whiskers !




Multiple layers just as it is in life


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